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The Marine Aquarium in Trégastel

Installed under a huge pile of granite, a few meters from the beach Coz Pors-Tregastel, the Aquarium reveals the seabed's secrets of the Brittany coast. Without the ambition of the great spectacular aquariums (such as Océanopolis in Brest), the Marine Aquarium is a small and friendly aquarium , allowing visitors to discover the  wildlife and local flora.


The Aquarium was built in the caves of granite formed a cluster there are 300 million years ago: his visit is all the more surprising, and old photographs displayed on site show that sheltered places successively a chapel, a home of fishermen, an ammunition depot and a prehistoric museum !


Today, the Aquarium offers a circuit visiting three areas: the spray zone, above the highest water level, the tidal zone, swept by the ebb and flow of water, and finally the area of depths, still underwater and reserved for big fish.


The Marine Aquarium of Trégastel shows the local fauna found in local waters of Brittany lobster, bars, places, abalone, eels, rays, dogfish, sea horses and even ...


Access to the top of the pile of pink granite at the end of visit, offering a panoramic view of the Pink Granite Coast. Admire each side a different landscape: the sea, the coast, the city.

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