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Ornithological LPO Station: discovery of seabirds

Showcase the natural reserve of Sept-Iles, the Ornithological LPO Ile-Grande Pleumeur Bodou presents a new museum that will allow you to discover the fauna and flora of the Côte de Granit Rose, unique natural environment.

In the early twentieth century, many birds inhabiting the islands of Seven Islands were decimated by the shots fired as a hobby, for ship passengers.

In 1912, the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) created the natural reserve of Sept-Iles (Guirec Perros - Côtes d'Armor) to end the slaughter of Atlantic puffins.

Since being brought under protection, the islands and foreshore around them, attract many other species such as the little penguin, the guillemot, the shag ... and the famous gannet. Today, the reserve is home to the largest colony of seabirds Metropolitan (25,000 pairs).

Hundred thousand visitors each year roam the nature reserve of national Sept-Îles (Perros-Guirec - Côtes d'Armor). Half then visited the Station LPO Ile-Grande is located on the shore, in Pleumeur-Bodou.

Since its inception in 1984, the station has received 1.7 million visitors. 20,000 people (10,000 schools) participate, in addition, every year, it organizes the events. It is positioned as a tool for environmental education, perfectly integrated into the regional and national network.

To accommodate the increasing flow of visitors in excellent conditions, the frame and space museum Station LPO have been a renovation and a complete redevelopment.

Station LPO today have a new permanent exhibition area of ??250 m2 including an artificial cliff of 5 meters housing 110 models of birds, and a room dedicated to the underwater world.

This new space, which provides access to all audiences, the gamble to deliver a comprehensive view of Biodiversity and management of the archipelago with an active public participation. The latter is invited to walk between areas of discovery, observation and information.

Station confirms its function as a showcase of the natural reserve of Sept-Îles. The challenge of LPO, to Sept-Iles and elsewhere, is to share nature with the largest number so that it is loved and ultimately respected.


Ornithological LPO

Castel Erek - Ile-Grande

22560 Pleumeur-Bodou

See the documentation of the station LPO