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Tregastel, on the Pink Granite Coast

On the Pink Granite Coast, between Pleumeur-Bodou and Perros-Guirec, Trégastel combines the qualities of its two famous neighbors : unspoilt nature on one side and spectacular scenery on the other side. During your stay in our Holiday Village, you will visit this pleasant and welcoming city.


Trégastel contains some of the most beautiful jewels of the Pink Granite Coast : between Costaérès amazing island, the bay of Sainte-Anne, the range of Tourony, Ploumanach adjoining the port, and the stunning beaches of "White Grève" and the island Renote is the "Coz Pors" (old port), are now most of the activities of tourism and leisure: hotels and restaurants, sea Forum (pool heated sea water ), marine aquarium, etc..


Trégastel also has the advantages of a "green" tourism and culture. Exploring Traouïeros valleys, bordering Perros-Guirec, reveals another aspect of the rocky chaos: in lush vegetation of a great botanical interest, the rocks are arranged in a surprising balance, precarious at times.   The route along the coast of Trégastel is nevertheless an unforgettable meeting with perfect beaches and paradisiacal landscapes, unique natural achievements in the world.


Meanwhile, the territory of Trégastel has remarkable historical heritage : archaeological and religious over the walks, we discover many of the megaliths and surprising especially with the famous stele of the Iron Age called "Peulven of St. Anne", now exposed to the Tourist Office, and especially impressive dolmens and covered walkways.


Catholic worship, deeply rooted in the past, provides examples of typical crosses, crucifixes and places of worship built in the local rock. Thus, the church of St. Anne, located in the village, has survived the centuries without damagse and is now one of the most interesting of Brittany.