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A day on the island of Bréhat

Probably one of the most beautiful islands of France, Brehat island is famous for its charm and unique. After a short crossing from Paimpol, spend a memorable day exploring the island occupied in part by a typical village with steep streets, the other by an unspoilt and diverse, enjoying the mild climate in a quasi mediterranean...


Near the Holiday Village, the armor coast has one of the most popular islands : the island of Bréhat, called "Flower Island" because the mild oceanic climate is particularly conducive to the development an abundance of flowers (agapanthus, hydrangeas, ...) and, more generally, plants and trees some of which, tropical, will amaze you with their adaptation to Brittany !

You can access the island from the pier near Paimpol (40 minutes from the Village) in the season, the boats provide all the quarters of an hour the connection between the coast and the island, a distance of only 2 km .

Enjoy the opportunity to tour the island (optional), before landing, or at a specified time: This tour of the island, about 40 minutes, is well commented and can fully understand the island and enjoy its beauty.

The island Brehat is actually split into two parts:

To the south, the island on which habitats have developed, forming a small village typical and picturesque streets traveled, that's where we landed at the foot of the nearest shops, restaurants, pancake houses and ... Bicycle rental, because the island is devoid of cars, it is a great opportunity to ride with your family! Further away, we discover the chapel of St. Michel, overlooking the island has an amazing round hill, an old "mill water" (the Birlot), which used tidal energy to power his mill, so that an old fort and prison, which now houses the famous glass works of art in the world, you can visit.

To the north, the island is much more wild: moors, rocks, and at the end of the island lighthouse Peacock, standing in front of the immensity of the sea!

Our advice: leave early on the morning of the vacation Village. You can pick about 10 or 11am, you will have your time to tour the island by walking through the streets, lunch or picnic, sightseeing and enjoying the sweetness and the exceptional beauty of the island; Finally, late in the afternoon, take the boat back to visit at your own pace: Paimpol (port and old houses, abbey of Beauport) and Tréguier (historic city center, cathedral, etc..) or the Wild Coast (from Plougrescant to Perros-Guirec).