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Holidays in Brittany > Village

Family resort in Brittany, Pink Granite Coast

Parents and children will find leisure facilities, playground and sports fields, bike rental for adults.


Spend a relaxing holiday and enjoy the many recreational areas of the village and of the Côte de Granit Rose.

For parents:

Spend your vacation at your convenience: tonic or relaxing. And have fun with your friends or other guests, in a game of volleyball, table tennis, bocce or badminton.

For children:

Playground. The youngest have a large playground pleasantly landscaped. Your children can play through the park or on the playground, safely, they can also make new friends and have fun together! You can expect their bikes, the paths of the park will be their favorite playground, safely.

For the family:

To enhance your stay, nothing beats a bike ride on the Pink Granite Coast, the village Stereden propose bike rentals by days, for adults only. Starting from the Village, enjoy the many trails and bike paths that criss-cross the coast between countryside and beaches.


More information about electric bike rentals at Stereden