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Visit Brittany heritage: the castles of the Côtes d'Armor

Jewels of the historical heritage of Brittany, the castles open their doors and their parks. During your stay, discover some of the most beautiful castles of the Cotes d'Armor.


Visit the main castles of the Trégor, in Brittany : 


The Domaine de La Roche-Jagu is located near Tréguier (30 minutes from the Village): semi-fortified manor huge, overlooking the river Trieux which controls the navigation. Become property of the department of Cotes d'Armor, it is perfectly restored and maintained, and hosts major exhibitions.

On the ground floor, discover the history of Brittany and lives in a mansion, through the example of the castle (free visit and free) host stages for their outstanding annual exhibitions.

Above all, the huge park surrounding the castle is the image of a botanical paradise! It has lovely gardens, and medieval Mediterranean, decorated with fountains and medicinal plants, aromatic, old or simply decorative, that awaken your senses! (Free access, 7 days on 7 from March to October).

More informations about la Roche-Jagu.


The castle of Tonquédec (25 minutes from the Village): Dating mainly 13th and 14th centuries, is one of the most beautiful castles in Brittany . Situated in the heart of a forest, overlooking a rocky promontory above the valley. The visit of the castle offers a panoramic view of the landscape of the country Trégor. In season, animations are regularly offered medieval, to discover the weapons and fighting techniques of the past, but also some aspects of daily life.

More informations about the castle of Tonquedec


Kergrist Castle (25 minutes from Stereden): Originally a 15th century Breton mansion with a single octagonal tower, completed over the following centuries by a second tower and new facades. Looted and abandoned during the Revolution, the estate was redeveloped from the end of the 19th century on the initiative of the Huon brothers from Pénanster, who restored and furnished the castle, and created the gardens. The castle of Kergrist is today one of the most beautiful castles of Trégor, whose visit of the historical apartments and the park are impossible to circumvent during cultural holidays. Highlights enliven the estate: plant fair in April, costume parties on All Saints Day, ...

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The castle of Rosanbo in Plouaret (30 min. from the Holiday Village) is one of the most beautiful areas of Brittany : the medieval castle, built to control the bay of Saint-Michel en Greve and the "Valley of Bo", was completed over the centuries by the addition of a mansion and vast constructions, forming a courtyard. Meanwhile the park was designed by Achille Duchêne, famous garden and author of the famous garden of Vaux-le-Vicomte! The park and the castle can be visited from April to November, with animated visits in summer.

More informations about the castle of Rosanbo



You will find the practical information necessary for your visit to the documentation that we will provide you with the reception.

Castel of Brittany - Stereden, Village de ChaletsCastel of Brittany - Stereden, Village de ChaletsCastel of Pleumeur Bodou - Stereden, Village de ChaletsCastel of Brittany - Stereden, Village de ChaletsCastel in Brittany - Stereden, Village de ChaletsPleumeur-Bodou - Stereden, Village de Chalets
Castel of Brittany
Castel of Brittany
Castel of Pleumeur Bodou
Castel of Brittany
Castel in Brittany


vidéo : visit of La Roche Jagu (in Ploezal)