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Ile Grande ("great island") in Pleumeur-Bodou

Connected to the mainland by a small stone bridge, the Ile-Grande belongs to Pleumeur Bodou. Located in the center of the Côte de Granit Rose, it is an essential place to visit: tour of the island on foot, beaches, port, path, nautical center (hiring of kayaks), ornithological station.


Wild, invigorating and often windswept, Ile-Grande (the "great island") stands out somewhat from Pleumeur-Bodou, his home town.

Although it can be reached by a narrow road and a bridge that brave the foreshore, the island is distinguished by a unique personality that did not fail to recognize some of the guests she received the prestigious Charles Le Goffic or Joseph Conrad.

With its neighboring islands (Canton, etc.), It is also distinguished by its coastal landscapes with intense colors. The sea, which here more than anywhere else in later withdrew, freeing up a huge tidal Landrellec Toeno on one side and the other, at high tide gives a prestigious appearance, almost dreamlike, with white sand beaches .

For two centuries, Ile-Grande has been a center of mining granite: the stone, available here in abundance and the extraction of which was not previously regulated, was extracted intensively, so much so that the landscape has changed, so in 1910, it is the leading source of regional granite (350 cubic meters or 800 tons per day!) intended to contribute to construction of buildings such as urban mansions, the avenues Paris or structures, such as Morlaix viaduct.

It goes around the Ile-Grande in less than 2 hours, via a steep path. The island presents:

  • Port (port Saint-Sauveur) where you can meet directly with fishermen;
  • A nautical center ("Base Nautique") where you can do internships (board sailing) or book your boat (rental of sea kayaks);
  • Ornithological station (LPO = League for the Protection of Birds), center care, study and presentation of seabirds (exhibition not to be missed).